Powder Processing

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  • Brush-Type Sifter..

    Used for sifting powder / powdered mixtures into fine particles.

    localfab – Locally Fabricated.

  • Pulverizer

    Used for pulverizing all types of dry goods like rice, corn, coffee, monggo, pepper, sugar, and leaves, etc.

    localfab – Locally Fabricated.

  • Ribbon Blender

    Used for mixing dry goods such as flour, ingredients, spices, etc.

    Available in 100Kg, 200Kg, 300Kg, 500Kg, and 1Ton capacity.

    localfab – Locally Fabricated.

  • Vibratory SIfter..

    Used for screening, sifting, and filtering out contaminants / debris from powders and granules.