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  • Bibingka Oven


    Bibingka Oven is one of our Bestsellers!
    All Filipinos love Bibingka for its authentic taste that brings your senses into the flavors in the province! A must-have for every food business entrepreneur.

  • Emulsifier


    Emuslifier is one of our Bestsellers!
    Used to process mainly fruits and vegetables, its very handy in mass production processes. A must-have for an entrepreneur who has fruits and vegetables in the production pipe-line.

  • Hamburger Grill..


    Our Hamburger Grill/Griddle is on of our Bestsellers!
    Widely used in the food service industry, our hamburger grill/griddle is well known for its easy to maintain system and reliable longevity.

    localfab – Locally Fabricated.

  • Kalamansi Extractor..


    The Kalamansi Juice Extractor is one of our Bestsellers!
    Kalamansi Juice has a very high demmand  in the market especially for food and medicinal applications. Extracting Kalamansi juice has never been easier. A must-have for every food business.

  • Rice Grinder


    Our Rice Grinder is one of our best sellers!
    Used to grind the finest of quality rice.